Chi Kung ClassMonday, Wednesday and Sunday at 9 near the sea. 

Here is the location on google maps.38°46'06.6"N 0°11'57.3"Ehttps://goo.gl/maps/7asRnXrAQcJ2
Tai Chi Classes 
Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-11:00 at Matrix Martial Arts
Monday and Thursday 12:45-1:45 Paris 24
Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-7:00 Javea Yoga Studio
Prices are:

€55 per month to come to two classes per week

€35 per month to come to one class per week

€75 per month for unlimited classes!!
You can mix and match and come to any of the class locations you like as well as a mix of Tai Chi and Chi Kung!!



A therapeutic massage is designed to help alleviate pain, stiffness and other types of problems that arise from problems with the muscles, fascia and structure of the body. I combine techniques of deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and miofascial release to help you feel better!!



Shiatsu is a holistic healing art developed in Japan and based on traditional 3500-year-old oriental medical wisdom. It also incorporates western principles of anatomy, physiology and pathology. TCM theory states that energy, known as Chi (Ki in Japanese) moves through the body in well- defined pathways or channels, also known as meridians. Each meridian is connected to an internal organ and a corresponding set of functions in the body. Good overall health and that of the specific organs is reliant on the energy flowing harmoniously through the meridians.

Shiatsu’s strength is that it is effective as a dynamic body therapy as well as working with the body’s energy system. During a treatment the therapist interacts with the receiver to restore balance in the energy system while alleviating muscle aches and pains. Imbalance, that is, too little (Kyo) or too much chi (Jitsu), manifest in ailments that are predictable, depending on which meridians are affected.

Shiatsu is based on the assumption that the body is a self-healing organism. The role of the therapist is to aid and support that naturally occurring process. Shiatsu can assist an individual with their self-development and self-healing; balancing the underlying causes of a condition and addressing physical and psychological functions; promoting health and strengthening the body’s own healing abilities.

Although the word shiatsu translates literally from the Japanese as ‘finger pressure’, in practice, the thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet are used to apply pressure to various parts of the body. Pressure can be gentle or firm, depending on the condition being treated.

A treatment session may also include the use of flowing stretches and gentle rotations of the limbs and joints, simple structural alignments and muscle release techniques. On a physical level this has the effect of stimulating circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid. It also works on the autonomic nervous system; helps to release toxins and deep-seated tension from the muscles, and can also stimulate the hormonal system. On a subtler level shiatsu allows the receiver to deeply relax, stimulating the body’s inherent ability for self-healing and regeneration. Sessions may also include direct or indirect Moxibustion.

Treatments are given with the person clothed, and treatment usually takes place on a futon on the floor. For certain clients, treatments may be given on a massage table or in a chair. Sessions typically last between 60-75 minutes.

Shiatsu is excellent for general health maintenance and as a preventative therapy.



Auriculotherapy is whats called a somatotopic therapy. This means that we can treat the whole body, focusing in on a specific area of the body. In this case the ear. Similar to Reflexology of the foot we can treat many types of issues that occur in the body. The treatment may be done using very fine acupuncture needles, or an electro acupuncture machine (no needles). It is especially effective for pain, muscle tension, weight loss and even to help quit smoking!



I use two methods to teach Mindfulness and Meditation. One is based around “Heart Rate Coherence” breathing techniques from HeartMath Institute. The other is based on the “Unified Mindfulness” system developed by Shinzen Young. I will post more outlining these two systems and how they can be used to help bring more harmony to your life!
The U.M. system is used by leading institutions like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon for their research on meditation.



Jai Cyr is originally from Canada and has been living in Spain for almost 9 years. His background and training is quite diverse. He has a business degree from Lethbridge University in Canada and was a successful business consultant for large corporations in Canada. He left a successful career and his family in Canada to search for answers to questions about life and to find a better way to live. In the last 9 years has studied, traveled and explored many areas regarding the human condition. He is a certified Massage and Shiatsu Therapist, Tai Chi and Chi Kung Teacher and Unified Mindfulness Coach. He is currently finishing a PhD and Doctorate in Natural Medicine.



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